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Tyne Gann United States

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About me

Hi guyies my name is tyne and if i could describe myself using just one word it would be... UNIQUE!! a few other words i would use would be fun, crazy-beautiful, wild, outgoing, and just plain and simply me!! I love things that are different and fun and unique like me!! Why try to fit in when you are born to stand out, right? Umm idk what else to say soo... If you would like to know anything else feel free to ask, k? Alright, Peace-a-late Bro-ha!! :))


Umm i have a
very crazy
lifestyle... my
motto or
mottoSSS to
live by would
be "why try to
fit in when you
are born to
stand out?"
"Try to find
beauty in
spaces" and
"i'm the kind
of girl who is
willing to
brighten up
your day wh


I love any kind
of music
really, just
depends on what
mood i am in. I
especially love
Rock music
stuff like
seether, or
EVER!!!) but
just about

Movies and TV:

I love horror
films but they
have got to be
at least
scary... if it
sux i will not
watch it
because it will
just be a waste
of time. i also
like funny tv
shows like
family guy or
futurama but i
will watch just
about whatever


I am a danger
to myself and
to others when
i play sports
so i think its
best if i just
sit on the side
lines. LOL!!


i love to draw,
write poetry, i
am actually
working on TWO
books right
now, a poetry
book and then a
novel, but what
i love to do
more than
anything is
music. I love
playing music,
listening to
music, singing,
and writing
music. Music IS


Ummmm.... just
ask if there is
anything else
you wish to


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